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Very good story !
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Great! Thank you!
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More please
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Great story!
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Really good story, this cliffhanger at the end is killing me !Please let us know that'[...]
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Here is a story about the completion of want as a schoolgirl goes striaght to the head of her class.
Tags :  Histoire complète ,  Nouvelle (court) ,  Erotique ,  Hétéro ,  Couple ,  Initiation ,  Fun (non-ABDL) ,  Fiction ,  Fantasy
11 years ago  3 660 views
Lynnette UNREAD
Lynette gets abducted and drugged to become incontinent. Lynnette learns to cope with her condition with the help of her friend.
Tags :  Nouvelle (court) ,  Familial ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction
11 years ago  3  10 3947 views
The Sleepover UNREAD
While Harry's parents are on a vacation, his sister and her friends turn Harry into a cute baby girl.
Tags :  Nouvelle (court) ,  Platonique ,  Familial ,  Uro ,  Scato ,  Régression (AB) ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Fun (non-ABDL) ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction ,  Fantasy
11 years ago  15 2164 views
Mommy always makes sure i'm well looked after while She's out on one of Her dates, usually leaving me in the hands of my no-nonsense Nanny, Mrs Dobson...
Tags :  Nouvelle (court) ,  Hétéro ,  Couple ,  Régression (AB) ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction
11 years ago  3 2084 views
Aunt Emma is so hot and i just can't help getting excited whenever She comes to visit. Sadly my Mommy has banned all "big boy" activities and this is what can happen when i break the rules...
Tags :  Histoire complète ,  Nouvelle (court) ,  Erotique ,  Hétéro ,  Familial ,  Couple ,  Régression (AB) ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction
11 years ago  4 2197 views
Three girls visit a Nursery where they can act out their wishes and desires: wetting and messing their underwear whenever they want! Unfortunately, Chapter 3 is missing.
Tags :  Récit (long) ,  Scato ,  Régression (AB) ,  Plastique ,  Fun (non-ABDL) ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction ,  Fantasy
11 years ago  3  26 3252 views
This is a revamp of the orginal story. the original isn't mine,and i give full credit to whoever did the original cause i couldn't find an author name. i changed alot about this story.
Tags :  Nouvelle (court) ,  Erotique ,  Lesbiennes ,  Hétéro ,  Couple ,  Uro ,  Régression (AB) ,  Fun (non-ABDL) ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction ,  Fantasy
11 years ago  10 2508 views
Ally is shown a pathway to her own private wonderland that fear would've prevented from seeing otherwise.
11 years ago  3 650 views
A BabyGirl and a Daddy play a little game on the phone. He tells her what to do and she does it.
Tags :  Nouvelle (court) ,  Hétéro ,  Couple ,  Uro ,  Régression (AB) ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Fun (non-ABDL) ,  Fiction ,  Fantasy
11 years ago  1 540 views
Regression therapy with Madame Gros-Seins is somewhat different: it includes big breasts, diapering, sissifying and sucking on warm balls. XXX story
Tags :  Nouvelle (court) ,  Porno ,  Erotique ,  Hétéro ,  Gays ,  Régression (AB) ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction
11 years ago  11 1525 views
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