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about How to Get Young Adults to Wear Diapers  : 
I do like this story. It's realistic and could possibly happen. Hopefully it does. Eve[...]
about Emma's First Day at Work : 
great story. I can't wait for the next part.
about A Holy, Wet Sunday : 
Nice story
about A New Girl In My Life : 
Nice storie
about The diapered punk : 
Really great story. Its sweet, heart felt and cute! Also, i love the punks, they don't[...]
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A couple who love spanking decide to go on holiday to Spain and stay in a fetish bed and breakfast.
Tags :  Histoire complète ,  Hétéro ,  Régression (AB) ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction
27 days ago 36 views
The idea of a gay slut is to offer a weekend at the B&B to two gay Masters and to be their slut. Her wishes and fantasies will in reality be worse than a bitch destined for reproduction.
Tags :  Histoire complète ,  Gays ,  Régression (AB) ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Initiation ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction
27 days ago 15 views
An ABDL man is confronted with the reality of his fantasies when he offers a holiday to a nanny whose life has been turned upside down. A story with twists and turns to ponder.
Tags :  Histoire complète ,  Erotique ,  Hétéro ,  Couple ,  Régression (AB) ,  Fiction
8 months ago 286 views
I'd read about this self-bondage idea and as segufix equipment is horribly expensive, I wanted to try out the idea proposed by the fetishist gîte during my holidays.
Tags :  Histoire complète ,  Erotique ,  Hétéro ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction
8 months ago 121 views
The adventures of an ABDL couple in a BDSM gîte
Tags :  Histoire complète ,  Nouvelle (court) ,  Erotique ,  Hétéro ,  Couple ,  Régression (AB) ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction
9 months ago 104 views
A single man on holiday ventures into a real fetish and ABDL bed and breakfast
Tags :  Histoire complète ,  Nouvelle (court) ,  Erotique ,  Hétéro ,  Régression (AB) ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction
9 months ago 197 views
Toys, bondage and submission for a man enjoying a video call fantasy exploration with his Queen.
Tags :  Histoire complète ,  Récit (long) ,  Erotique ,  Hétéro ,  Couple ,  Uro ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Plastique ,  Autobiographie
2 years ago  1 471 views
Two sissy babies, kept by depraved nuns, are getting each other off. Bad idea.
Tags :  Erotique ,  Gays ,  Scato ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Plastique ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fantasy
2 years ago  4 952 views
The tale of being caught by someone unexpected in a unexpected way. His fantasies come true but in a way he did not expect.
Tags :  Régression (AB) ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction ,  Fantasy
2 years ago  2  6 1255 views
This is a story of Elisa's regression
Tags :  Histoire complète ,  Nouvelle (court) ,  Régression (AB) ,  Fiction
3 years ago  7 1205 views
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