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about A different schoolgirl : 
very good, thank you
about Melanie's New School : 
awesome!! Thank u!
about The diapered punk : 
Really excellent, positive story. Would be wonderful to have a second part
about The true story of bugsbunny : 
I generally remember girls in our neighborhood that regularly wet their pants while we wer[...]
about A Rendezvous at Sea: The Heart Becomes Complete : 
Look forward to the next chapter. Also hoping for a link to the site with those videos :)
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After wetting herself on the bus home, Isabel is put into diapers. She begins to like it, and during her time finds friends that share her passion. UPDATED WITH CHAPTER 9
Tags :  Récit (long) ,  Erotique ,  Hétéro ,  Familial ,  Régression (AB) ,  Fun (non-ABDL) ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction
11 years ago  9  79 22720 views
A shy 22 year old girl embarks on her first ever day at work. But rather than being promoted to the boardroom, she soon finds herself in the nursery. (Updated with final Part 3)
Tags :  Nouvelle (court) ,  Lesbiennes ,  Hétéro ,  Uro ,  Scato ,  Régression (AB) ,  Initiation ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction ,  Fantasy
10 years ago  8  53 7638 views
Flooded UNREAD
Because a storm flooded his home, Peter is offered to stay in Ms. Kathleen's home. She regresses Peter to a small sissy girl, that needs diapers.
Tags :  Récit (long) ,  Erotique ,  Hétéro ,  Couple ,  Régression (AB) ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Fiction
14 years ago  12  48 10500 views
Waiting for his art class to begin, a guy finds a 19 year old girl fingerpainting together with kids in a daycare. Skipping his class, he decides to accompany her on the way home.
Tags :  Nouvelle (court) ,  Hétéro ,  Fun (non-ABDL) ,  Fétichisme (DL)
13 years ago  7  43 4524 views
Two sisters find themselves caught in a sudden tropical storm. They find shelter in an unlikely place.
Tags :  Récit (long) ,  Lesbiennes ,  Familial ,  Uro ,  Scato ,  Punition/BDSM ,  Fun (non-ABDL) ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction
12 years ago  8  42 5285 views
A mother takes care of her daughters and their friend. They visit a theme park heavily diapered, and go shopping.
Tags :  Platonique ,  Lesbiennes ,  Familial ,  Plastique ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction
13 years ago  12  41 12044 views
Stacey wets her last diaper and decides to buy new ones while diapered. When she messed herself in the store, a woman changes her.
Tags :  Nouvelle (court) ,  Erotique ,  Lesbiennes ,  Scato ,  Fétichisme (DL)
14 years ago  8  37 7168 views
This story is based on true events which happend to my kid brother and sister. I hope you enjoy the story, have fun :) love and greetings, Monica
Tags :  Histoire complète ,  Nouvelle (court) ,  Hétéro ,  Familial ,  Fun (non-ABDL) ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Enfance ,  Fiction
13 years ago  3  34 3447 views

A guy learns about his love for plastic from a woman, who shows him how nice it is to be a girl in plastic pants and who can take him back to the age he longs to be.
Tags :  Récit (long) ,  Erotique ,  Hétéro ,  Gays ,  Plastique ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction
12 years ago  6  33 3657 views
Wringer shares his own biography and explains how he came to diapers...
Tags :  Histoire complète ,  Nouvelle (court) ,  Hétéro ,  Plastique ,  Fétichisme (DL) ,  Fiction ,  Autobiographie
15 years ago  26  33 7599 views
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