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UK Diaper Girls
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Added 10 years ago
Updated 8 days ago

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"Amateur HD Diaper Girl Content - Diapers, Bondage, Plastic Pants and more with the best diaper girls in the UK. "


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2 years ago
We have been providing great, never before seen content since 2010 to our exclusive members area.

All content is fresh and modern, not taken on fake built commercial sets unlike all the other websites.

Hope you enjoy our site and all future updates

Best Wishes

***** as for the two comments below *****


We have new girls and working with our members suggestion list to bring a whole new range of content to ukdiapergirls in future updates as we want to have the largest variety of content.


- All content is 1080P HD quality.
- We now have over 1700+ updates
- We try to keep it Adult diapers 80/20
- We do minimum 3 updates every week
- We are working on new ideas all the time
8 years ago
An average rating for an average site. The content that they have supplied themselves is repetitive and non-interactive. It's generally just masturbation or models just wondering round modelling a nappy.

The content they have from sites like outdoordiapers and British Ageplay is brilliant and something they should really look at replicating it. They had different scenarios and pushed the boundaries with outdoor material.

Uk Diaper Girls really needs to look at its interaction with the viewer from both the modelling point of view and the customer services point of view. They are fast going to end up like diapergal where they have models just 'modelling' the nappy and nothing much else.

Please please please look at the material you acquired from outdoordiapers and British Ageplay and got some ideas from these.
10 years ago

Joined this site a week ago and are semi happy about its content.

- The pictures could have a higher quality.
- Are there as many updates as promised?
- To many baby diapers
- The movies are few and has not been uptated for a few weeks.
- Many of movies has no sound or the girls are "mute"?

+ Bondage
+Many pictures of women who do not smile, witch I like!

I would ad more accidents and forced diaper wearing.
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